Visit North Seymour by Yacht!

September 13, 2017 by Christopher Klassen0

The islands can be visited in many ways, be it through an amazing Galapagos cruise that follows well-thought-out itineraries or through a land-based option. The latter is the perfect choice for those prone to sea-sickness or who wish to have the freedom to manage their time as they see fit. Few places in the archipelago complement their surroundings so harmoniously like they do at the only beach-front hotel in Santa Cruz Island, the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel. The Hotel adds to the visitor’s overall experience with details that make this a once in a lifetime adventure. Among other natural attractions, Santa Cruz is home to one of the islands’ most beautiful beaches at Tortuga Bay and is also surrounded by amazing islets that are filled with life. If you wish to observe wildlife in its purest form, go for a day trip aboard the exclusive Sea Lion Yacht and create your own itinerary. Make the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel your home base and then begin your exploration of the Galapagos! Our own personal recommendation: visit North Seymour Island by Yacht!

Finch Bay Hotel's Sea Lion Yacht in Galapagos.
Finch Bay Hotel’s Sea Lion Yacht in Galapagos.

Don’t Let Size Fool You

Start your day early in the morning! Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet, pack your camera, hat and sunscreen and hop aboard Finch Bay’s exclusive Sea Lion yacht. A relaxing 45-minute journey will get you to the small but gorgeous North Seymour Island. Deceptive due to its size, this island is actually packed with wildlife that surrounds visitors as they walk along the island’s trails. Prepare to be greeted by the lounging Galapagos sea lions (a Big15 favorite) and some of the most iconic Galapagos birds displaying their feathers and colors mid-air. In fact, North Seymour is home to some of the archipelago’s largest colonies of frigate birds and blue-footed boobies! Birdwatchers, get ready for some serious bird action!

The frigatebird is one of the Galapagos iconic species.
The Galapagos frigatebird is part of our BIG15 Group of Iconic Species.

How did North Seymour come to be?

You will immediately notice that there is a difference between North Seymour and its neighboring big sister – Santa Cruz. The second one displays an uneven terrain, rolling hills, and highlands that are home to a very different kind of vegetation compared to that which grows by the coast. On the other hand, North Seymour resembles a platform – and that is exactly what it is! It’s the result of an underwater uplift and not volcanic activity. Instead, North Seymour was actually once the ocean floor. There is no known reason for how or why this formation came to be, but it nevertheless became the perfectly flat setting for wildlife to find its niche.

Galapagos marine iguana spotted on North Seymour Island
Encounter with marine iguanas while exploring North Seymour Island.

What Can I See When I visit North Seymour by Yacht?

You will marvel at the beautiful frigate birds (both great and magnificent) and their crimson red pouches as males display them to impress the females. Witness the unique courtship ritual of blue-footed boobies, where male boobies show off their blue feet to call the females’ attention. Their dancing abilities are sure to put a smile on your face! And be careful not to run into a frigatebird or blue-footed booby’s nest as they are everywhere! Harmoniously living in the same space, you will also be able to observe the endemic land iguana, as well as its aquatic relative – the only marine iguana in the world. Get pictures of some Galapagos sea lions and Galapagos fur seals, and get acquainted with the masked cousin of the blue-footed booby’s – the Nazca booby. Check our Big15 list! A visit to North Seymour by yacht will check off 7 of the 15 iconic species listed therein!

Galapagos blue-footed boobies' courtship dance
Don’t miss the chance to witness the blue-footed boobies’ courtship dance!
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