What are the benefits of booking direct

Should I book through an OTA (Ex: Booking, Expedia, etc.) or directly?

Booking nowadays can be a multi-tiered process. Online Travel Agencies act as a middleman between the traveler and their destination. This can be expedient and simple but may have additional caveats, like a lack of flexibility after verifying the booking. Fortunately, there is always an alternative! Booking directly with a hotel can offer hidden perks and flexibility.

The following questions can help you decide what to do if you’ve already booked with an online travel agent and wish for additional services or general support.

1) I made my reservation through an OTA (Booking.com or Expedia.com). Can I add transfers or additional services?

When you book with an Online Travel Agency, there are certain limitations on the platform when it comes to additional services; thus, we can’t add these to your reservation.

2) I made my reservation through the hotel website directly. Can I add transfers or additional services?

Yes! Absolutely. When booking through the hotel website, you will immediately be assigned a Destination Expert to assist you. Even better, your DE will get in touch with you and offer all additional services you might want to add to enhance your experience and take care of all details regarding this amazing trip! You make the best choice when booking directly with us.

3) I made my reservation directly with a hotel executive. Can I add transfers or additional services?

This is our most recommended option, as your DE will make sure to know all important details regarding your expectations before even recommending different options and experiences for you! Are you celebrating a special occasion? Our DE will ensure that all details regarding your celebration are also taken care of. Our main goal is to provide the best and most unforgettable experience possible at our hotel. Let us know what you need; we can help you make it happen.

4) Who can assist me with my reservation if I make my reservation with an OTA?

You’ll have to contact the OTA directly, as they are in charge of your reservation. Unfortunately, we have no access to modify or track their reservations due to privacy policies (and as it should be).

5) I want to modify or cancel my reservation, but I made it with an OTA. Who should I contact?

You’ll have to contact the OTA directly; they are the ones that have access to your reservation in their system. Please make sure you have read and understood the cancellation policies applied to your reservation before confirming your booking (to avoid misunderstandings).

6) I saw a better rate at an OTA. Can you match it?

Yes, do let us know if you need anything you saw on their pages. We can even match their rates! Conditions apply.

We’d be happy to help you out! Talk to YOUR Destination Expert.

Best Service, Guaranteed!

Congratulations, when you book through the hotel’s website or with a Hotel DE, you will have all the benefits of assistance when you place your reservation before, during, and after your travels.

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