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Scuba Dive

It’s a whole other world down there…

The only place on the planet more enchanting than the islands of the Galapagos, is below the surface of the waters that surround them.

Here, in the myriad shades of blue of the Pacific Ocean, live sharks, snake eels, sea turtles, mantas, amberjacks, and barracudas as well as tropical fish, multi-coloured sponges, moray eel, octopus, and more – sharply focused in the crystalline waters. Divers often report playing with curious sea lion pups, watching a marine iguana on a mission, and the heart-stopping thrill of being surrounded by hammerheads. This is a universe all of its own, unsurpassable to divers in variety and abundance of marine wildlife.

As per the rules of the Galapagos National Park, there are only two ways to scuba dive in the archipelago:


  • Take a live-aboard diving cruise – normally a week-long itinerary for very experienced divers. Three dives per day with no land visits permitted.
  • Stay at a hotel on one of the inhabited islands and do day dives off a small yacht.


So, if you prefer the life aquatic, the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel is your ideal diving base, either for a few days of diving, or to combine before or after an expedition cruise.


If your companion or companions aren’t into diving like you are, the creatures to discover, kayaks to paddle, bikes to ride and attractive pool make the Finch Bay the best option.


The Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel offers PADI-designed programmes to allow guests to experience the thrill of scuba diving in a safe and fun environment while enjoying the best the Galapagos has to offer. A comprehensive underwater experience for adventurous divers who want to take home unforgettable memories, the diving programmes include most dive sites within the Central Islands.

Scuba Diving Details


  • North Seymour
  • Daphne Minor
  • Cousins Rock
  • Gordon Rocks


Dive sites (number of dives per site):

Santa Fe (2), North Seymour (2), Daphne Minor (2), Mosquera Islet (2), Gordon Rocks (2), Cousins Rock(2), Floreana (2).

Note: Dive sites may be changed due to sea conditions, availability, National Park restrictions or safety requirements.

Some of the varieties we may observe include:

  • Rays: eagle and manta rays, stingrays
  • Sharks: hammerheads, white-tipped reef sharks, Galapagos shark
  • Eels: tiger snake eels, moray eels, garden eels
  • Galapagos giant sea turtles
  • Barracuda, tropical fish, the pelagic big fish, octopus, etc.
  • Crabs, oysters and starfish
  • Endemic fish: scorpionfish, hieroglyphic hawkfish, cardinalfish… and many more!

Note: Marine life encounters cannot be guaranteed.

We outsource the SCUBA operation to specialists. Following is the schedule of the yachts which our partners operate for day-dives. Schedules can change, so please consult us. Please bring your SCUBA divers’ license. Our partners will provide you with all equipment.

L/P Iguana L/P Galapago
Monday Santa Fe Gordon
Tuesday Gordon Bartolome & Cousin
Wednesday North Mosquera & Daphne Seymour & South Mosquera
Thursday Bartolome & Cousin Beagle & Daphne
Friday Seymour & South Mosquera Seymour & North Mosquera
Satuday Guy Fawkes & Daphne Punta Carrion & Gordon
Sunday Seymour & Gordon Floreana

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