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Love our spa? Take a look at our restaurant!

Inspired by the archipelago itself and local ingredients, the Finch Bay Restaurant features an eclectic range of dishes that accommodate every request –from vegetarian, vegan, and celiac choices to kids’ menu– and a global selection of wines. We accompany fresh produce with herbs and vegetables grown in our very own organic garden, Chakrita. Our focus on creativity extends to the original creations in our cocktail menu. To top it all off, our setting will allow you to experience the islands from a truly delicious angle. Come create one-of-a-kind experiences with us!

Romantic Dinner at the Finch Bay Restaurant
South plaza expedition. Seal Lion Yacht

Want to see more of Galapagos? Hop on our Sea Lion Yacht!

As an extension of our Expedition Hotel, our very own private yacht offers set daily tours to the Galapagos National Park and Marine Reserve. With two Park-certified bilingual naturalist guides and small groups limited to 10 guests, you will explore the archipelago’s Central Islands and observe the wildlife in our Galapagos Big 15 list of iconic species. Enjoy guided snorkeling activities (gear included!) before coming back on board for a hot lunch.

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