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Metropolitan Touring is pleased to announce a major makeover of the Finch Bay Eco Hotel, the sole beachfront property on Santa Cruz Island, in the heart of the Galápagos Archipelago. Julio Vinueza, Ecuador’s top interior designer, is in charge of the redecoration, which will introduce an “expedition chic” look fully in tune with the hotel’s extraordinary location.

The lodging will receive an elegant new semblance inside and out, in common areas and rooms, all with the bay-front and natural environment in mind and details planned to minutiae. “The idea is to create a fresh ambience of peace and harmony with the surroundings,” according to Vinueza. This important enhancement will use light and natural tones to harmonize with the native lava, sandy beach, and azure ocean.   Contemporary art and photography will provide contrasting highlights and the hotel will replace all furnishings down to the luxury bed linen and curtains. Sophisticated comfort and convenience will feature throughout.

Vinueza will completely redesign the hotel’s 21 Garden View rooms. Bathrooms will feature top-of-the-line modern amenities. The six Ocean View suites will be decorated in the same vein, augmented by their living rooms with Italian furniture, emphasizing perfect and comfortable spaces from which to enjoy the spectacular view.

The lounge and dining room will also receive a full makeover, including new seating and buffet arrangements with comfort in mind. An  Expedition Room will emerge as an ocean-themed space for relaxation, reading, or talks by our expert Naturalist Guides.

All of these changes will go ahead in strict compliance with the environmental standards we consider indispensable to operate in the Galápagos Islands. They will also go ahead in a non-invasive way so as not to disturb guests staying at the hotel, starting 15th August.   We very much look forward to unveiling the redone Finch Bay Eco Hotel in the fourth quarter of 2015.

If you have any further questions, please contact your destination expert.

Finch Bay Remodelling Details

Room redecoration ( Garden View Rooms): o  Brand New:

  • Beds (light wooden)
  • Nightstands, (light wooden)
  • Writing desks (light wooden)
  • Chairs
  • Lamps
  • Reading lights
  • Curtains (including blackout curtains)
  • Decorative rugs
  • Large-frame Galápagos photographs

Bathrooms: o  Brand New:

  • Modern mirrors
  • Accessories
  • Amenities

Balconies: o  Brand New:

  • Deck furniture

Ocean View Suites: remodelling as above plus o  Brand New:

  • Modern Italian living room furniture

Dining area: o  Brand New:

  • Rustic dining tables
  • Wicker-style chairs
  • Conceptual art and photography
  • Curtains
  • Lighting
  • Buffet station

Lounge area: o  Brand New:

  • Comfortable sofas
  • Cushions
  • Decorative rugs
  • White sheer curtains
  • Hanging lamps
  • Contemporary art and photography throughout

Expedition Room (former TV room/ Library): o  Brand New:

  • Desks
  • Library
  • Games

Reception area: o  Enhanced reception/check-in desk

Exterior areas o  Complete facelift including new façade colour and re-staining of wooden walkways

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