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09 Sep 2015, Posted by Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel in Galapagos Islands Blog

Dive Magazine Galapagos

Having been lulled into a deep sleep by the calm sea and a huge breakfast Santa Cruz anchored in a bay near a marine bird other than penguins to have changed from fully grown sea lion surfaced and lying on its back looked at us as inquisitively as he basked in the sun. Dropping over the side of the panga in a wetsuit I snorkelled along the cliff face. I had never experienced sea life so up front and personal; not more than a metre away a sea lion with an octopus in his mouth swam past and gave me a casual wink. Gliding into a shallow sandy bay, as far as I could see the surface. I sensed something close by and turned to be confronted by stared into my eyes only centimetres from my mask so instinctively I blew top of my head then to my face and blew bubbles back at me!

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