From the Chef: Sous-vide Tuna with Lemon and Lime Aroma

24 Jul 2015, Posted by Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel in Galapagos Islands Blog

atun al vacio lima limonIt takes only a few hours for our fresh tuna to make it from the fishermen’s wharf to our kitchen. To cook our tuna, we use the sous-vide technique that allows us to keep all of our tuna’s flavours without a presence of oxygen; we cook it between 55°–98°C (131°–208°F). First we marinate it in soy, then we insert it into a sous-vide pouch and introduce it into the water. Once it’s close to being as cooked as desired, we remove the pouch, bread the tuna with black sesame, and seal it in a pan. We accompany it with a citrusy soy sauce with lemon and lime aroma.  Buen provecho!

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