10 Best beaches in Ecuador you must visit

There are many reasons why Ecuador is a suitable place to visit, but its beaches are among the best in the world. With crystal-clear water, soft white sand, and stunning views, these beaches offer something for everyone. The best beaches in Ecuador provide a unique opportunity to experience unparalleled beauty and adventure in one place, from snorkeling alongside sea turtles to sunbathing on pristine white beaches. If you are planning a trip to Ecuador and are looking for the best beaches, look no further! Here are ten of Ecuador’s best beaches, each with unique charm and attractions.

1. Playa de Los Alemanes

Playa de Los Alemanes, also known as “German Beach,” is a stunning black sand beach located in Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands. This beautiful beach got its name from the German settlers who lived on the island in the 1800s. The waters are crystal clear and perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities.

The terrain is also ideal for wildlife spotting, with sea turtles, iguanas, and birds often found in the area. The best time to visit Playa de Los Alemanes is during the dry season, which runs from May through October. Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel offers beachfront access to the Playa de Los Alemanes. With its stunning views and abundant wildlife, Playa de Los Alemanes is an unforgettable destination in the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy this beautiful beach in any of our Galapagos vacation packages.

2. Tortuga Bay: A wildlife paradise

Tortuga Bay, located on the north side of Santa Cruz Island, is known for its crystal-clear water and stunning views. The beach is reached via a marked and cobblestoned two-kilometer path, open daily from 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM. There is excellent birdwatching along the way, with plenty of Darwin’s finches and other sea birds.

The waters are calm, so it’s perfect for swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling. Tortuga Bay is often proclaimed one of the best beaches in the world and is a must-visit for any beach lover. From here, you can partake in snorkeling and kayaking amongst colorful fish, sea turtles, marine iguanas and more. It’s a great spot to spend the day soaking up the sun, walking along the shoreline, or relaxing.

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3. Bartolome Island: Perfect for snorkeling

Bartolome Island is a small, rocky island found off the east coast of Santiago Island. It’s surrounded by rugged cliffs and lush vegetation, making it feel like an oasis in the middle of nowhere. You’ll find plenty of marine life in the waters around the beach. There are sea turtles, rays, sea lions, and tropical fish.

You’ll also spot some land animals, such as iguanas and bird species. There are many activities to enjoy, like a dip in crystal-clear water, snorkeling, swimming, or relaxing. You can also explore the island on foot and experience the beauty of this untouched paradise. It’s essential to be aware of your surroundings and follow any instructions given by tour guides.

4. El Garrapatero: A family-friendly beach

An iconic spot known for its unique wildlife and stunning views is El Garrapatero Beach on Santa Cruz Island. Sea lions, sharks, rays, turtles, and birds like the great frigatebird and the blue-footed booby are some of the species that can be found here. There are also a few endemic species, such as the Galapagos mockingbird and the lava lizard.

You can enjoy various activities like fishing, kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling here. You may also take a guided tour of the island and explore some of its natural wonders. If you’re looking for something more low-key, there are plenty of places to relax on the shore or watch the waves roll in. El Garrapatero is an excellent spot for families.

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5. Las Bachas Beach: A secluded coastal gem

Las Bachas is a beautiful and secluded beach in the Galapagos Islands. This hidden gem is located at the northern end of Santa Cruz Island. Famous for its white sand beaches, palm trees, and lagoons filled with flamingos. In addition to swimming, visitors can also take part in various activities.

These include snorkeling, birdwatching, sunbathing, and exploring the nearby mangroves. There are plenty of nearby services that can supply snorkeling gear and other equipment for a fee. However, visitors must respect the environment and not disturb local wildlife or marine life. There is also an entrance fee for non-residents, which must be paid upon arrival.

From the coastline of Santa Elena to the tranquil waters of Esmeraldas, these Ecuador beaches offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a secluded spot to relax or an adventure-filled day full of surfing and snorkeling, Ecuador has plenty of beaches that will fulfill your vacation needs. Here are some of our favorite spots for soaking up the sun:

6. Playa de Los Frailes: Venturing beyond the norm

Los Frailes is a beautiful beach in Ecuador Beach located at the coastline. With crystal-clear water and soft white sand, it’s easy to see why this beach is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. Los Frailes Beach is in Machalilla National Park, about an hour and a half from Puerto Lopez. The beach itself offers plenty of activities for visitors of all ages.

Swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking are popular activities, as is simply laying out in the sun. Los Frailes Beach is open all year. However, it’s best to check the local weather conditions before planning your visit. There are several restaurants in nearby towns, and a few snack stands at the beach itself.

7. Montañita Beach: A surfer’s paradise

This beach is a surfer’s paradise in Santa Elena Province with stunning scenery, various restaurants, and nightlife spots. Montañita Beach is one of the best surfing spots, with ideal conditions for both beginner and experienced surfers. You can soak up the sun while admiring the beauty of Ecuador’s Pacific coastline! Visitors often come to sunbathe, surf, and enjoy the lively nightlife, with plenty of bars and clubs.

One of its best aspects is its wide variety of restaurants, offering everything from seafood to traditional Ecuadorian dishes. There’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, Montañita Beach is the perfect spot for activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding. It’s a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the area while still having plenty of activities.

8. La Plata Beach (Isla de la Plata): A diverse beach for all

Isla de la Plata, also known as the “Poor Man’s Galapagos,” is a small island off Ecuador’s coast in Manabí . It is known for its rich biodiversity and natural beauty, which make it an ideal destination for nature lovers. One of the highlights of Isla de la Plata is its abundant wildlife. The island is home to a wide variety of plant and animal life, including many species found only in the Galapagos Islands.

Some of the most popular animals on Isla de la Plata include blue-footed boobies and frigatebirds. The island is also home to several endemic plant species, including the Isla de la Plata cactus and the Isla de la Plata daisy. Overall, Isla de la Plata is a beautiful and unique destination that offers something for everyone, whether you are interested in exploring the island’s rich biodiversity or simply relaxing on its sandy beaches.

9. Mompiche Beach: A pristine beach

Mompiche is a small, picturesque beach on the northern coast near Esmeraldas Province. It is known for its pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters, which make it an ideal spot for surfing, swimming and sunbathing. The beach is surrounded by lush tropical rainforests and is home to various plant and animal species.

There are many hotels in the area and numerous restaurants and bars. Tour operators also offer guided tours and activities in the surrounding region, including hiking, horseback riding, and birdwatching. Overall, Mompiche Beach is a peaceful destination that offers something for everyone, whether relaxing on the beach or exploring the surrounding region.

10. Salinas Beach: A golden sandy beach

Salinas Beach is a popular beach destination found on the Pacific coast of Ecuador. Its beautiful sandy beaches and clear waters make it ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and other activities, including surfing, windsurfing, and boating. One of the highlights of Salinas Beach is its location.

The beach is in a region known for its warm, tropical climate, making it an ideal destination year-round. In addition to its natural beauty, there are many hotels, restaurants, and bars. Salinas Beach has something for everyone, whether you are looking to relax on the beach, enjoy water sports, or explore the surrounding region.

Ecuador’s Beaches are worth visiting

Ecuador has plenty of beaches that offer something special for every traveler. From snorkeling with sea turtles to surfing, these beaches supply the perfect spot for all looking to experience Ecuador’s coastal beauty. We hope this list of the best beaches in Ecuador helps you plan your next beach getaway.

Ecuador beaches can make you fall in love when you meet them, especially Playa de Los Alemanes, where you can disconnect, take time for yourself, and start bonding with nature. Enjoy peace and tranquility by booking with Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel.

Whether you’re looking for a secluded spot to relax or an adventure-filled day full of surfing and snorkeling, there’s something for everyone. Remember to bring along sunscreen as you explore these stunning shores. Enjoy your time on the best beaches in Ecuador, and we wish you all the best on your travels!



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