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Love can come in many ways, shapes, and forms, but most of all, we want to be able to show our loved ones, no matter the occasion, just how much they mean to us with romantic gestures and declarations of love. A quick getaway or romantic few weeks at the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel, located in one of the most secluded places in the world, will catapult your plan to the stars, undoubtedly surpassing your expectations of a perfect romantic occasion. At the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel, we don’t have a favorite romantic event- we celebrate them all! Our main goal is to make all your dreams come true in the perfect and intimate setting of love.

At the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel, we specialize in:

  • Destination weddings
  • Honeymoons
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Marriage proposals

So, what can we offer you? Our unique boutique hotel offers a personalized experience for every guest and, if your dream isn’t on our list of activities, ask one of our staff members or put in a special request. We’ll go above and beyond all expectations to create your perfect getaway – no matter the occasion.

The importance of choosing the right destination in the COVID era

Choosing the right place to celebrate our special occasions has always been important. Nowadays, as the world slowly drifts into a “new normal“, this is even more crucial than before. To plan a romantic escapade, wedding, or anniversary, the first thing you need to consider are secluded or remote destinations where you won’t have to face the much-dreaded crowds. Also, with fewer people around you and wide-open spaces, you’ll be more at ease than ever!

Couple enjoying Los Alemanes Beach, right across the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel
Choose remote destinations so you can enjoy a concern-free experience!

That is why Galapagos (and especially the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel) is the perfect setting to celebrate a romantic occasion! In this remote haven, you’ll be surrounded by pristine nature and endemic fauna! Plus, our hotel has all the biosafety protocols you need to be safe while maintaining the quality of your experience!

What makes the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel the perfect place to celebrate a romantic occasion?

Easy! Our exceptional facilities, pristine and remote location, premium service, and wide-ranging list of available activities, such as day tours on our private yacht, are all at your disposal for every occasion. Plus, we have all the biosafety protocols to ensure you’ll have a pleasant and safe stay!

Note: We have also designed a Honeymoon Package! It includes all of our best activities, including a couple’s massage, a day tour adventure on the Sea Lion Yacht, and exquisite meals in our top-class restaurant!

Romantic Location

Romantic strolls in secluded beaches are a must if you visit the Galapagos Islands with your partner!
Romantic strolls in secluded beaches are a must if you visit the Galapagos Islands with your partner!

Of course, the Galapagos Islands are one of the most enchanting places in the world, but the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel is ideally situated for romance. It is a secluded, and private hotel tucked away in a pedestrian-only neighborhood of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. In fact, it’s so exclusive that guests have to cross the bay in the hotel’s private water taxi to get there! Once at the hotel, guests can step from the hotel’s pool area directly onto the sandy white beach of Playa de Los Alemanes. The soft sound of lapping waves is heard throughout the hotel, creating the perfect dreamy atmosphere.

Are you interested in exploring the ultimate secluded destination?

Intimate Hotel

Couple celebrating a romantic occasion in the Galapagos Islands
Share unforgettable moments with your partner in our dreamy facilities!

Our luxurious rooms have everything any romantic occasion could ask for. With a total of only 27 rooms available in the entire hotel, everything about it has been designed to be personalized and exclusive. The wooden walkways among the mangroves, the small duck pond surrounded by cacti, and the hotel’s elegant architecture show just how spectacular and premium this hotel is. The romance of Finch Bay truly comes to light when you enter the lounge and dining room area. The soft white curtains flutter in the breeze, and plush furniture mixed with accents of color and wicker pieces allow guests to relax in an open but private setting.


Each of our rooms has both private indoor and outdoor spaces where guests can relax in hammocks on their spacious balconies. Each room is furnished with the finest linens, furniture, and cozy design. Our six Finch Bay suites have views looking directly over the ocean along with a private balcony. These rooms are perfect for a wedding night or anniversary.

Bar and Pool Area

Pool area at the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel
We’re the only beachfront hotel in Puerto Ayora

Our intimate open-air bar is perfect for all occasions, from small celebrations to service for an intimate wedding. Each cocktail has been specifically crafted to encompass the nostalgia and romance of the Galapagos archipelago into unique and surprising drinks. Our friendly bartenders can help you order a meal or snack while you watch the sunset – the perfect way to end a perfect day!

The pool area was recently renovated in 2019 and is open exclusively to guests. You can enjoy the lounge chairs out in the sun or, if you prefer some shade, the ample pergola offers both intimacy and relaxation. The pergola is the perfect place for a social occasion such as a wedding.

Around our pool area are a few intimate outdoor tables where you can dine by candlelight with the sound of the waves crashing in the distance. Not surprisingly, many proposals have been organized and carried out here to perfection.


Relax and unwind in the beautiful Spa area! A perfect occasion to share with your couple
Relax and unwind in the beautiful Spa area!

Our recently built spa is hidden along a mangrove-sheltered path in a secluded spot away from other guests and the hotel, which makes it a great place to relax with your loved one in a couple’s massage or by enjoying one of our outdoor hot tubs. The hot tubs must be reserved at the front desk, which means that only you and your party will be able to relax in private.

Dining Area

The dining area allows guests to enjoy an intimate meal without interruption from other guests. The extensive menu includes the incredible flavors of the islands, a twist of the Ecuadorian cuisine, and a touch of home. Every meal is lovingly prepared to ensure your romantic getaway exceeds every expectation.

Private yacht – Sea Lion

Why is Galapagos a great place to celebrate romantic occasions? For the intimacy and the incredible places you will visit with your couple
Our intimate yacht is the perfect vessel to both explore the natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands and create amazing memories with your partner!

The Sea Lion yacht is available for Finch Bay guests only, making the onboard experience extremely personable and luxurious. A day tour on our private yacht is the perfect opportunity for spectacular wedding photos or a romantic cruise in the Galapagos archipelago while enjoying a glass of wine in the cozy rooftop seating area or lounging on the sun chairs on the front of the vessel. The staff is both highly trained and highly experienced, ensuring that you and your group will have the best possible experience on board. The yacht is only able to hold 20 people, meaning their attention is always focused on you.


Enjoy the best food in the Galapagos Islands with your couple
We offer our guests ceviche cooking lessons (or cocktail lessons) they can share with their significant other!

The Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel is more than just a hotel – it’s an experience. There are many activities that you can enjoy depending on how you want to spend your romantic occasion. You can enjoy a ceviche cooking class with one of our head chefs or, if you prefer something a little more active, you can go kayaking or paddleboarding around the bay. You can even enjoy a cocktail-making class with one of our expert bartenders. Each activity can be carefully modified to make your romantic occasion all about you and your partner.

We also pride ourselves on our exceptional service in every area of the hotel. Even if you don’t see your desired activity on our website or want to plan something special for your loved one, the staff are willing and excited to help you.

Do you want a destination wedding? Contact us! Would you like to arrange a surprise beachside proposal? Send us an email! Every facet of our hotel is designed to provide you with the best and most romantic experience that you will find in the Galapagos Islands. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your dreams and desires. Let us help you make your most romantic aspirations come true!

Isabel Espinoza


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The Galapagos Islands offer endless opportunities to see incredible things and visit fascinating places, which is why we often want to make the most of our visit to these Enchanted Isles. The vast Marine Reserve is very alluring to any explorer, but land-based tours can provide an experience just as exquisite, and are more accessible to everyone. How to sort through all the options and get only the best? Opt for the one place that combines all land exploration alternatives into carefully curated-programs: an Expedition Hotel.

If the hotel you’re staying at can arrange all the best land activities for you and put them together in an itinerary tailored to your preferences, you can just wake up every day and go straight to exploring, confident that you’ll truly experience this singular archipelago. This way, you won’t have to spend precious vacation time looking for deals in town, which not only will cover only so much, but do not bear the quality seal of a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World.


Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel, the only hotel with access to the beach


A land-based holiday at the luxurious Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel offers both unparalleled accommodation with the best service on the islands, and the best Galapagos day tours to the most fauna-populated visitor points on our very own private yacht -the Sea Lion. It comes complete with our five-star crew, all of the amenities (including snorkeling gear), a full buffet lunch, and comfortable sofa chairs everywhere. You can wake up at the Finch Bay, have an exceptional breakfast, and then meet up with your personal bilingual guide to go on your daily adventure. The Sea Lion Yacht day tours take you to Bartolome Island, North Seymour Island, South Plaza Island, and Santa Fe Island. Each one offers different Galapagos wildlife and an otherworldly experience.


The Islands

Bartolome Island is depicted in every iconic photo of the Galapagos Islands, showing the rising barren peak of Pinnacle Rock and a magnificent overview of the islands. Rising spectacularly from the depths of the crystalline waters right off the edge of Bartolome, Pinnacle Rock is a majestic host to the endemic Galapagos penguins, which huddle along the jagged volcanic rocks at its base. If you decide to go snorkeling, the marine life is breathtaking and, if you’re lucky, the penguins will put on a show for you as they duck in and out of the volcanic reef chasing enormous schools of fish. Overhead, you may see a Galapagos hawk, magnificent and great frigatebirds, or a blue-footed booby, as they search for food.

Two couples in Bartolome island enjoying a private vacation in the Galapagos Islands


North Seymour Island is, quite literally, every bird watchers’ dream. The magnificent and great frigatebirds, along with blue-footed and Nazca boobies, instantly greet you as you step off the panga (dinghy) onto the island, screaming overhead. The walking trail takes you over the rocky terrain, where, around every corner, a different Galapagos endemic animal will surprise you; maybe a bird nesting in the shrubby trees or relaxing in the shade under towering cactuses. You’ll be surprised by coquettish Galapagos land iguanas munching on a prickly pear or the male magnificent frigatebirds showing off their bulging red throat pouches to the females flying overhead. The coastal hike ends at a sandy beach complimented by turquoise waters, where Galapagos sea lions gather alongside the occasional sunbathing marine iguana.

North Seymour Island


South Plaza Island is a small wind-swept island that seems like it was placed on Earth specifically for the Galapagos land iguanas. The sights mainly include Prickly Pear Cactuses and small lava lizards bounding between lava rocks. But the real bosses are the land iguanas, who defend their territory fiercely. The island gently rises and eventually reveals a sudden drop into the roaring sea below, where countless seabirds, including Nazca and blue-footed boobies, hang out. They are carried through the sky by the strong winds as they duck and dive for food. Lazy Galapagos sea lions sun themselves along the edges of plunging cliffs -how on earth did they get there? South Plaza Island is also a great place to see the conservation efforts that involve cactus planting, reminding us that we are in a national park paradise.

Private excursions on the South Plaza Island, a place where there are innumerable sea birds


Santa Fe Island is the only one where you can see the unique and endemic Santa Fe land iguana, so it’s not an island to miss. The wet landing on the sandy beach is instantly notable for the Galapagos sea lions who sun themselves on the beach. This is the perfect island to get a close-up photo of the sea lions or go snorkeling off the pearly white beach. And, like most of the islands in Galapagos, endemic birds such as frigatebirds, the Galapagos hawk, and blue-footed boobies are permanent fixtures.

Santa Fe Island


Remember that staying in Santa Cruz Island at the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel also offers you the chance to see many fascinating visitor sites on Santa Cruz: The highlands, where you can see the incredible Galapagos giant tortoises; the pristine Tortuga Bay, where you can kayak with turtles and sunbathe on the stunning beach; and the Darwin Foundation. You can do this all while returning to an exquisite location to rest and feast in the afternoons and evenings.


Each Galapagos Day Tour has been specifically designed to give you the opportunity to see the 11 land-based animals on the Galapagos BIG15 List and a few more.

The Wildlife

Blue-footed booby

The blue-footed booby looks like an oversized duck with bright blue feet. Their intricate foot-stepping mating rituals and amazing coloring make them the center of attention on any island. They are usually seen in pairs with their bills down and tails up, facing each other and prancing meticulously with their blue feet. In contrast, their fuzzy white chicks, who often look too big to still be at home, are usually seen huddling in their parents’ mounded nests that are characteristically identified by the ring of white guano around them.

Blue-footed booby on Bartholomew Island, Galapagos

You can find blue-footed boobies on our North Seymour, Bartolome, South Plaza, and Santa Fe Island tours.

Nazca Booby

The Nazca booby is one of the largest boobies in the world and has naturally selected to be rid of the comical colored feet of its cousins. It is often seen nesting on cliffs and is easily identified by its long, bright-yellow beak together with its black and white feathers.

Two Nazca boobies

You can spot the Nazca booby on our North Seymour and South Plaza Island tours.

Marine Iguana

Make sure you look carefully at the jet-black volcanic rocks lining the beaches. With a bit of luck, you’ll see a statuesque, dark, oversized crested lizard staring back at you. As they can only handle 30-40 minutes in the cool waters, they spend most of their time sunbathing in the hot equatorial sun. And although they look unperturbed, these non-vocalizing reptiles have learned to recognize the mockingbirds’ alarm cry to signal a hawk approaching and always scuttle to safety.

Some have learned to coexist with their terrestrial cousins and have even bred hybrid iguanas that are characterized by their lightly striped skin.

Marine Iguana

You will see the marine iguana on our North Seymour, Bartolome, South Plaza, and Santa Fe Island tours.

Land Iguana

Under the shade of the Prickly Pear cacti, the yellowish, bulbous land iguanas wait for the drop of a prickly pear. Its spines are no competition for their tough skin, and its juicy flesh is essential for their hydration and survival. Although these creatures appear to be unlikely ornamental decorations, if you approach them, they’ll step out as if to defend their territory when necessary.

Land iguana crawling through the lands of the South Plaza Island

The Galapagos land iguana can be seen on our North Seymour and South Plaza Island tours.

Galapagos Sea Lion

Sea lions have become the mischievous puppies of the islands, and are always ready to entertain at every boat dock, beach and fish market. They can be found relaxing on park benches or blocking ramps leading to docks. They have no qualms about mixing with the human population and competing for attention. These grey, smooth-skinned mammals enjoy sardines, but as committed piscivores, they enjoy other water-living creatures such as crustaceans and octopus.

Sea lion on Santa Fe Island, Galapagos Islands

Galapagos sea lions can be seen on our North Seymour, Bartolome, South Plaza, and Santa Fe Island tours.

Great and Magnificent Frigatebirds

The most impressive feature of the frigatebirds is the enlarged red throat pouches that the males have to contend with during mating season. Sitting in the shrubbery with their beaks pointed straight up, they look like they have been stuffed into an uncomfortable Christmas turtleneck and are just itching to take it off, but only a suitable female partner can do this. Their young ones are raised in stick nests built along rocky ledges and trees. They are incubated and cared for by both parents.

Frigatebird in the Galapagos Islands

You can observe the Great and Magnificent Frigatebirds on our North Seymour, Bartolome, South Plaza, and Santa Fe Island tours.

Galapagos Penguin

These little guys are both cautious and curious about the humans that come and visit them every day. As one of the smallest penguins in the world, their presence can be hard to detect as they are normally found huddled among the islands’ volcanic rocks to protect themselves from the strong sun rays. However, they can usually be seen relaxing in pairs at the shaded water’s edge. The best way to interact with them is to snorkel as they duck and dive among the enormous schools of fish found in the Galapagos’ crystalline waters.

Penguin on the Galapagos Island, an exotic animal member of the BIG15 list

You can see the Galapagos penguin on our Bartolome Island tour.

Galapagos Hawk

The hawk lords over the Galapagos Islands from the sky. Surprisingly, this carnivorous bird differs in size and coloring from island to island but is generally quite stocky and dark brown. It loves to feed on invertebrates such as locusts but won’t pass up the opportunity to snatch a turtle hatchling or baby iguana. They are the only diurnal raptor in Galapagos Islands (the only daytime hunter), so they don’t have a lot of competition. Even so, the Galapagos Hawk population remains small, and scientists are still trying to figure out why.

Galapagos Hawk

You will find the Galapagos hawk on our Bartolome and Santa Fe Island tours.

Santa Fe Land Iguana

The Santa Fe land iguana can only be found on Santa Fe Island and is easily recognizable by its pale-yellow hide. Its dorsal spines are larger, and its long-tapered snout is more pronounced. They can be up to 3 feet long and, interestingly enough, they contribute to the general wellbeing of enormous Opuntia Cacti found on the island –as the iguanas feed on their lowest hanging fruit, it forces the cacti to grow taller!

Santa Fe iguana spotted in Galapagos

You can find the Santa Fe land iguana on our Santa Fe Island tour.

Galapagos Fur Seal

At first glance, the fur seal can be hard to distinguish from its larger cousin, the sea lion. However, if you look close enough, you’ll see that it has a small bear-like face with close-set eyes and wingnut ears that stick out from its head –dead giveaways of the fur seal! Their thick coat means they don’t have to sunbathe as much as their sea lion cousins, and while their enlarged front flippers may look somewhat comical, they pay them in good stead for catching fish. They prefer the few shady beaches in the archipelago and more private coastlines.

Galapagos fur seal in the western side of Isabela

The Galapagos fur seal can be found on our North Seymour Island tour.

American Flamingos

The gorgeous bright color of the flamingos in the Galapagos strongly contrasts against the briny marshlands that they frequent. Their stalk-like legs protect them from any danger as their powerful beak constantly forages and stirs up their favorite invertebrates and algae. They can often be seen marching up and down the edges of saltwater ponds, but they aren’t practicing for band camp. Instead, this is their mating ritual: if successful, a female will simply follow her chosen male. The only inelegant thing about them is their loud goose-like honk.

You can find the American flamingo on our North Seymour Island tour.

American Flamingo in Las Bachas, Galapagos Islands

Each Galapagos Day Tour offers unique and astonishing sights that simply never disappoint.  Whether it’s the scenery, underwater world, or close interactions with the many endemic species that make the Galapagos Islands their home, each of our packages and day tours is designed to ensure you experience the archipelago to its fullest. We invite you to explore our day tour options to find out which ones suit you.

Remember: The Galapagos Islands aren’t a zoo but rather a National Park. We recommend you book more than one day tour to ensure you enjoy every Galapagos species that you want to tick off your must-see list!

Are you interested in exploring the ultimate secluded destination?

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<div class="at-above-post-arch-page addthis_tool" data-url=""></div>As the world starts to adjust to a new normality, we have adapted the way we do most of our everyday activities. Today, after 67 years of leading the tourism industry in Ecuador and South America, we face our biggest challenge yet: restarting operations while maintaining both our client's and staff's health and safety.<!-- AddThis Advanced Settings above via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Advanced Settings below via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Advanced Settings generic via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Share Buttons above via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Share Buttons below via filter on get_the_excerpt --><div class="at-below-post-arch-page addthis_tool" data-url=""></div><!-- AddThis Share Buttons generic via filter on get_the_excerpt -->

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May 23, 2019 0

This tour is offered on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


Visiting the Galapagos is, without a doubt, an experience that’s unlike anything else. Whether it’s aboard an Expedition Vessel or from a hotel on one of the inhabited islands, there’s a number of ways visitors can take advantage of all the exploration options that are available in the archipelago. If you hope to visit some of the most remote and faraway islands, then an Expedition Vessel is probably your best choice.

However, if you’re looking to manage your own time and schedule on the islands, then an Expedition Hotel is the best option for you! Tip: If you have more time in the archipelago, a combination of both an Expedition Vessel and Hotel is a great way to go! If you’re looking to stay on an island, then be sure to consider the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel on Santa Cruz Island and create your own experience in the Galapagos!

At our Expedition Hotel, you’ll be able to organize your time in the Galapagos as you see fit! Choose from ticking off the majority of the most iconic species that make up our BIG15 list, enjoying a fascinating journey aboard our Sea Lion Yacht, or simply opting for one of our bundled programs that we offer and let us take care of everything!

In the meantime, we invite you read on to find out what our Day Tour to Bartolome Island aboard our Sea Lion Yacht is like! Without a doubt, Bartolome is one of the most enigmatic and gorgeous islands to visit in the entire archipelago!

Bartolome Island Sea Lion Yacht Experience in the Galapagos
Your day at the Bartolome Island


Bartolome Island: An out-of-this-world experience!

Time to experience a new adventure at the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel! Rise and shine and start your day with a delicious buffet breakfast that will be served at 6:15 a.m. over at our restaurant. After that, we’ll head out from the hotel at around 7:00 a.m. to go to Puerto Ayora. Tip: Remember that, before departing from the hotel, you can ask for seasickness pills if need be.

After a short walk from the hotel, we’ll hop aboard the Finch Bay’s own water taxi to cross the small channel and disembark at the Puerto Ayora pier. In Puerto Ayora, at approximately 7:30 a.m., we’ll board the bus that will take us over to the Itabaca Channel, located on the northern end of Santa Cruz Island. The journey there lasts around 45 minutes, so relax and enjoy the ride and views as we zip past dense scalesia forests and rich farmlands that are found up in the highlands.

Highlands in Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos
Highlands of Santa Cruz island in Galapagos

Once we arrive at the Itabaca Channel, we’ll board a panga (dinghy) that will take us to the Sea Lion Yacht. At approximately 8:30 a.m. is when we’ll set sail to Bartolome Island! During the following two-hour journey to Bartolome, you’ll get to relax under the sun or admire the views and some of the marine life that swims along with us. Keep an eye out! Depending on the time of year, it’s possible that dolphins might swim alongside our yacht on the way there!


Bartolome is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive visitor sites in all of Galapagos. Its geography never fails to captivate the imagination of adventurers! This volcanic island has a length of approximately 4.6 square miles (1.2 square kilometers) and an elevation of 374 feet (114 meters). Walking along Bartolome Island will offer us an experience that’s simply out-of-this-world, thanks in large part to the wide gamut of colors that cover its terrain: vivid reds, oranges, greens, and blacks all blend together to create a mesmerizing landscape that’s fit for a postcard. The island’s name comes from Sir Bartholomew James Sullivan, a friend of Charles Darwin and Lieutenant aboard the HMS Beagle – the famous vessel that sailed through Galapagos waters back in 1835.

View from the highest point of Bartolome Island.
Enjoy a breathtaking view from the highest point of Bartolome Island!

Once we’ve arrived at the island, we’ll hop aboard the Sea Lion’s panga (dinghy) and head over to the shores of Bartolome to perform a Dry Landing at the base of a wooden walkway. It is here that we’ll begin our walk up the walkway and steps, passing along lookout points along the way that will allow us to soak in the surrounding scenery and vegetation that’s found on the island. Finally, once we reach the top of the stairs, we’ll reach the final viewpoint that offers one of the most jaw-dropping panoramic views in the entire archipelago.

After that, we’ll head back down the same walkway and steps to board our panga (dinghy) once again at approximately 12:15 p.m. This panga will take us on a nice and refreshing coastal exploration that will last around 30 minutes. Following this bit of coastal exploration, we’ll arrive at Sullivan Bay and disembark (Dry Landing) to explore this impressive lava field on foot.

Sullivan Bay at Santiago Island in Galapagos
Explore the dramatic geography of the archipelago!

After that, we’ll head back to the Sea Lion for a brief pit stop that will allow us to leave the majority of our belongings and change into our swimsuits. Once we’re ready, we’ll head out (approximately 1:20 p.m.) to explore one of the most iconic landmarks in all of Galapagos: the colossal Pinnacle Rock. It is here that we’ll have the chance to enjoy a close encounter with numerous different aquatic creatures in the archipelago as we go snorkeling. Colorful schools of fish, sea lions, and even whitetip reef sharks and Galapagos penguins can be occasionally spotted here!

At approximately 2:15 p.m. we’ll head back to the Sea Lion Yacht for lunch, at which point you’ll get to sit back, relax and enjoy the food and impressive views of Bartolome Island from the comfort of our lovely yacht. Following that, we’ll set sail back to Santa Cruz Island at approximately 3 p.m.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this wonderful Day Tour!

Keep in mind: Galapagos Day Tours are subject to change due to weather conditions, logistical reasons, guests’ safety and/or Galapagos National Park Regulations.

Ready to stay at the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel and experience everything it has to offer? Get in touch with one of our Destination Experts, today!

Isabel Espinoza

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