The best Galapagos land-based tours for you!

Explore the fascinating wonders of the Enchanted Isles with Finch Bay’s land-based tours. Combine the very best of land and sea exploration with leisure time at the finest hotel in the Galapagos Islands.

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Best Galapagos Land-based Tours

Stay at the most complete Galapagos Expedition Hotel

The Finch Bay is so much more than just hotel in Galapagos! We’re one of the only hotels in Santa Cruz Island that not only offers a beautiful room to sleep in, but also numerous expedition activities for you to enjoy.

Finch Bay provides comprehensive Galapagos tours, expertly crafted by our very own Expedition Leader, that combine yacht expeditions to nearby islands in the Galapagos National Park with fascinating, land-based tours in Santa Cruz Island.

Our Packages

Why should you stay at the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel?

A tailor-made Galapagos Land-based tour!

Do you want to get the very best out of our hotel in the Galapagos Islands? Get in touch with one of our Destination Experts and we will provide you with a customized quote.

Sea Lion Yacht

Our private Yacht is one of 11 yachts in the archipelago that offers day tours in the Galapagos. Whether you’re a guest at our hotel or not, you can book a unique experience aboard our Sea Lion Yacht and visit the following islands:

– Bartolome Island
– Santa Fe Island
– South Plaza Island
– North Seymour Island

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